Sunday, August 30, 2015

28th August 2015 , Smriti Divas Inauguration - Shree Virendra Kumar Lahoti Foundation , Nagina

28th August 2015 , Smriti Divas Inauguration - A Great DAY for Nagina

"SMRITI DIVAS " event was inaugurated by Dr. Kamal Taori IAS officer of 1968 batch, who also served the Indian Army for seven years before entering this service. He served as Collector and Commissioner at many important places and was also Secretary of many important departments in the Central and the State government. He was also the head of CAPART and the North-Eastern Council. Dr Taori is much more than these positions. He is a Socia Activist, a Thinker, a Philosopher and and an Economist with a Gandhian perspective. Equally importantly, he is not one of those tight-lipped, sour-faced and dour-shaped retired senior officers who are seen lamenting the current position of administration and governance in the country. He does not feel saddened, disheartened and heart-broken by the current state of affairs and has nothing to blame the current generation of officers. Instead, he is flush with ideas and enthused with future projects that he feels would help transform the entire Nation to a better tomorrow. And it is this enthusiasm and positivity that has a truly infectious effect on others.

Some Pictures of Inauguration -

Dr. Taori is being introduced to Shri Prem Chand Jain , one of close associate of Late shree Virendra Kumar Lahoti 

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